How to Earn money

There are different types of ways to earn money Please follow my suggestion Earning money is not important in our life it a part of our life,Earning love from others is important in our life, if we share the money it will decrease But if we share the love it will increase,  But now a days every one will love you if you have money..    Every problem money is only Solution .So now I will give you a Solution That is how to earn money.1) Stock market 2) trading 3) Business 4) YouTube 5) blogger  The above 5 are is important because it will become you Rich. Don't follow safe zone.. do risk if you.. One time you will fail but definitely you can success..So let's go 1) Stock market Every individual who comes to the stock market comes with the desire to earn well. The stock market is one of the most lucrative avenues of making money, as it provides better returns than other avenues. Most people who come to the share market ask – stock market But, many of them fail to do so because of

What's up? Users dump Facebook-owned WhatsApp for Telegram, Signal

New Delhi: As WhatsApp teases users to either give their consent to sharing data with Facebook or lose their accounts after February 8, rival Telegram's Founder and CEO Pavel Durov on Saturday slammed the social media giant, saying it is no surprise that the flight of users from WhatsApp to Telegram, already ongoing for a few years, has accelerated.

What's app privacy and policy

, WhatsApp said it works with third-party service providers and ..The platform will also collect data from the new payment feature, including processing method
Will WhatsApp share your messages with Facebook?
No. The privacy policy does not change the way WhatsApp treats personal chats. WhatsApp remains end-to-end encrypted — no third party can read them. In a statement, WhatsApp said: “The update does not change WhatsApp’s data sharing practices with Facebook and does not impact how people communicate privately with friends or family… WhatsApp remains deeply committed to protecting people’s privacy.
What's app, warriorpro,

Who will benefit from this move?

It is all about business. Facebook is going to have big profit from this as all these data from WhatsApp will go to Facebook. A number of companies like Facebook have created big data centres to keep information of millions of people and once Facebook shares this data with those companies, it will get massive benefit from them.

As per updates, Facebook's earnings in 2019 were Rs 5 lakh 21 thousand crore and its business will now grow further after WhatsApp receives data from 200 million people in the world.

More importantly, Facebook is a no stranger to accusations of violating users' privacy, problems that have cost the company billions in fines and fuelled mistrust among users.
According to Durov, Facebook has an entire department devoted to figuring out why Telegram is so popular.

"Imagine dozens of employees working on just that full-time. I am happy to save Facebook tens of millions of dollars and give away our secret for free: respect your users," he said in a statement.


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